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Complete Home Mold Remediation

Willow Brook Builders is your source for successful mold remediation in Warrenton, Virginia. We specialize in state-of-the-art inspections and testing of indoor contaminants for residential and commercial structures throughout Northern Virginia. Our areas of service include:

Mold Inspections & Testing | Post-Remedial Testing & Inspection | Project Oversight & Management | Remediation of Mold Oversight


Inspections & Mold Remediation

An intermediate inspection would be one outdoor air sample and two indoor samples. The outdoor sample establishes a reference, or baseline, for normal mold levels in an area. These levels are then compared to the indoor samples to see if they drastically differ. A typical residential inspection will consist of the following:

• Visual Inspection of the Property for Signs of Water Intrusion and
   Mold Growth
• Visual Inspection of the Basement and Attic for Obvious Signs of
   Conditions Conducive to Mold Growth
• Visual Inspection of the Air Conditioning Vents for Visible Mold
• Establishing Recommendations to Correct Moisture Problems
• Measuring Humidity and Compare to Ideal Conditions
• Measuring Moisture in the Home to Locate Any Sources of Mold Growth
• Taking Air Samples in Areas of Concern

Residential Construction

Commercial Construction